If you enjoy coffee, enjoy your coffee!

Coffee is a weak diuretic at 300 mg caffeine (1) because its similar structure to a natural diuretic produced by the body (2), but moderate coffee is correlated to health benefits for diabetes (3), heart disease (4), Alzheimer’s (5), Parkinson’s (6), and has different effects on different cancer risks (7); for a review of disease risk reduction or increase with coffee see (8). Drink up to 2 cups, at most 3 per day, if you enjoy coffee.

Caloric restriction for increasing lifespan

This is my grandmother Audrey, 92 years old, after my nutrition talk in the community center where she lives in South Bend, Indiana. Her mind is sharper than mine, and she has the most amazingly youthful attitude. Different organ systems obviously age at different rates, which depends on genetics and environmental input such as exercise and nutrition.

My NBC 11 News interview on nutrition to reduce breast cancer risk

What women put on their plates may actually help reduce their risk of developing breast cancer. NBC11's medical reporter Marianne Favro interviewed UCSF biochemist Clyde Wilson, PhD, who recommends that breast cancer patients make four simple changes to help boost their immune systems and reduce the risk of reoccurrence.

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