Restriction Contributes to Binging
How much food do you "see" on this plate? The "Deprivation Effect" that contributes to drug addiction also occurs with food, particularly carbohydrate...


Is "under-eating" healthy?
Scientific studies of human caloric needs necessarily assume that we meet our "needs" if body weight does not change...


Caloric restriction for increasing lifespan
This is my grandmother Audrey, 92 years old, after my nutrition talk in the community center where she lives in South Bend, Indiana...


Under-feeding your exercise eats up muscle
If you are exercising for performance only, eat enough total calories and carbohydrate to recovery your exercise losses and recovery needs...

Weight Loss

Are we overweight because we eat too much?
Yes, but the types of foods we eat force us to over-eat AND make us fatter even if we did NOT over-eat...

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The most filling and healthiest “liquid” you could ever put into your body is blended (not juiced) coarse vegetables.

Psyllium is the fiber from the plantago plant. Glucomannan is the main fiber in the konjak plant and conifer trees. Beta-glucan is a major component of cellulose, the main fiber in mushrooms, yeast, and plants in general, including cereal.

Almonds are commonly included on internet lists of natural appetite suppressants.

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